Sokcho & Seorak

Autumn, 2018: I filed a 5-day leave just to rest and catch up with some personal stuff, such as: taking a trip to the dentist. 🙂

Two of those days, I went to Sokcho with one of my favorite people in the whole entire world, Sarah. She is the model in the photographs of this blog post.

Sokcho is located by the East Sea of Korea. Here is a fun fact: Pokemon Go was released in Korea a few months later than other countries. Sokcho is the first city in South Korea where you could play Pokemon Go during the initial international release. The city was so packed that bus and train tickets were sold out for a few weeks. I heard the release was delayed due to geographic security reasons. South Korea is tedious when it comes to security, given the situation with North Korea. Why Sokcho was an exception? Maybe due to its location? I have no idea.


How to get there:

Either catch the bus from the Express Bus Terminal (subway line 9) which will take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Or take a train from Seoul Station to Gangreung then ride a bus to Sokcho and this will take you more than 4 hours. I recommend taking the bus.


Sokcho has many things to offer. Be it the beautiful beaches in the summer, a bit of surfing lessons here and there, the gorgeous autumn foliage at Mount Seorak or just the food in general is sooooo goooood. However, we didn’t do anything crazy touristy but just chilled and enjoyed ourselves. Here is what we did:


Chillin’ by the beach.

The East Sea of South Korea in my opinion, is the most beautiful and cleanest in the country. The West Sea is said to be the dirtiest shoreline and the South Sea, so-so. The waves in the East Sea is stronger compared to other shorelines. Thus making it the surfing hub of South Korea. I heard that the waves aren’t as big as it is in other surfing hubs around the world but it’s good enough to surf.

Sarah and I took the bus and arrived, walked to the beach, took some pictures but mostly – just enjoyed the view. ‘Nuff said. Living in Seoul, the closest we can get to a body of water is the Han River. And growing up by the sea almost my whole life, I really missed it.


Food is great!

After chillin’ by the beach, walking around, having a glass of Gongcha, we decided to walk where the restaurants are. Passing by some mini-murals, crossing the bridge and enjoying the quiet neighborhood. Sarah was the only foreigner. LOL.

Towns by the sea have more food to offer than just raw fish. People search for different things when traveling, some food and others sightseeing. I love sightseeing but I forget to eat. I also don’t search for must-try dishes when going on trips. There was one dish, however I really craved for in Sokcho. It is a delicacy called “오징어 순대” (O-jing-eo soon-dae / squid sausage). I really enjoyed it the last time I visited. This time, I had it with some 옥수수 막걸리 (Ok-su-su Mak-geol-li / Corn rice wine). It was  absolutely splendid.




Up the Seorak Mountain! … not.

Mt. Seorak is very famous for its Autumn Foliage and I heard it is an absolute beauty. We knew that Seorak Mountain was famous and would be crowded. We had NO IDEA that it would be so crowded to the point, we had to wait for 4 hours for the cable car to go up the mountain. It was either hike up or ride the cable car but I hate hiking and Sarah can’t hike so we just decided to take a stroll. LOL. I will try to go up Seorak again this year.  If you do plan to visit Seorak, I advise you to rise early!


Chillin’ by the beach… with coffee.

After going around Seorak and trying to figure out life in Seorak, where to eat, etc. We ended up back at the beach where we started because it was near the bus terminal. The coffee shop was really nice since it was facing the beach, giving a really nice chill vibe.




It was a short trip but it was nice to get out of the city, walk by the beach and spend time with a precious friend. We will attempt to go to Seorak, fo sho!

Until my next adventure, let’s enjoy our glasses of lemonade and keep walkin’! 😀


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