Food-ventures: Remicone & Burger Joint

I realized the past few days or weeks that I have been quiet that I do not post enough entries in general, but most especially about food WHEN FOOD is the MOST REQUESTED topic EVER at all times I created a survey. (Next was make-up but we will get to that in the long run.)

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I recently went to a neighborhood I usually do not visit/explore because I just don’t like riding the line 3 (orange). But my friend, Sarah and I wanted to check this dessert (ice cream) place out for the longest time and so off we went to Sinsa-dong.



Sinsa for me is a very chic, girly, simple but elegant kind of neighborhood. It doesn’t have drunk people on the streets (or maybe I just haven’t seen anyone) and all the shops’ interiors are clean and basic. This neighborhood is between Apgujeong Station and Sinsa Station. Apgujeong is known for high-end, luxury brand shops and one of those expensive areas in Seoul where all the rich people live.

Sinsa has unique stores that have their own theme, color and personality. If you like something very unique, you can find a make up store named, “Village 11 Factory” that sells make-up through a vending machine. (Ena, miss you)

Sarah and I also talked about going to a different neighborhood than the ones we live in and see the different appearances of girls.

(Going to the Gangnam underground shopping center somewhat amazed and bothered me a bit every time I went there because a lot of plastic surgery places are situated there, thus I often saw girls with bandaged faces or masks to cover them up.)

Meet my friend, Sarah in front of the vending machine!


Moving along! The burger place Sarah searched for us had people waiting in line and it was 24 hours anyway so we decided to go to the dessert place! YASSSSS!!! *dance


Food #1: Remicone

(Address: 24 Apgujeong-ro 14-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

It was a delight. I liked how small and cozy it was with just enough seats and space. The interior being very unique with a red and white color scheme. I’m glad it didn’t have a lot of color and that complimented the colorful ice cream colors they had to offer.

The staff working there spoke enough English to communicate what was sold out so you don’t have to worry about communicating your order (if you do worry at all.)

These are the steps in ordering:

Step 1: Choose whether you want it in a cup or cone

Step 2: Choose your flavor. Milk, salted caramel or real chocolate.

Step 3: Choose your toppings.


The chocolate flavor was sold out when we got there and Sarah had to get a different one. As we talked, a constant flow of people came in and 80% of them wanted the chocolate flavor.

I got the Salted Caramel (yum) with French Crepe. It was a bit bitter so if you want Salted Caramel that’s sweet, get it with the Caramel Syrup! 😀


It’s a bit more expensive than your typical ice cream but it was good. I’m definitely going back!


Food #2: Burger Joint

(Address: 12 Dosan-daero 15-gil, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

(Sarah, I’m so glad we came here.)


When we came back to the restaurant, there were still a few people waiting ahead of us but we didn’t need to wait long so it was good. I mean, I as practically famished by the time we got our food.

Our order: Brooklyn Works burger,  Chili Cheese Fries with Sour Cream, Dad’s Root Beer, Brooklyn American Ale


First of all, I loved how the burger was salty. AT ALL. (Sakto ra ang timpla. Lol.) And it wasn’t bland either. I can’t say their fries were good because it was a bit soggy but I loved their burgers. Sarah and I had to share a burger because it was late and we already had ice cream. (We can’t eat much, okay?! /defensive tone of voice)


Second of all, the interior reminded me of one of my favorite movies of all time “Back to the Future.” I mean who can find a diner theme burger place that runs 24 hours in Seoul? (Is there? Let me know.)

Lastly and most importantly, they had a range of hot sauces. I love hot sauce. I put hot sauce in my burger, fries, pasta, steak, you name it. This place had Kool-Aid and root beer and different types of bottled beer.

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I hope to keep visiting different café’s and restaurants and feature them here. If I don’t find any café that I like then I guess I won’t. Still coming up and crafting together content ideas. Just that I start writing and can’t really finish them. Hmm. Nevertheless, Seoul has finally cooled down and the temperature went below 30 degree Celsius and I am absolutely psyched about seeing Autumn again! Where to go this Autumn! Where!


Anyway, until our next ice cream. Keep walking! 🙂


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