Romantic Days of Korea

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Korean oppas and

Other heart chu~

(Definitely one of the most horrible poems I have ever written in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE.)


What does romance mean to you? For me, I have always been the romantic one in any relationship. A girl being the romantic one is not as easy, always has been difficult. But I learned not to expect anything. Coming to Korea and having experienced romantic relationships in Korea has been a new type of experience for me. One of those experiences will be the “Romantic Days”.

Anyone who loves K-drama and K-pop falls in love with the romantic gestures by the handsome and manly or cute adorable Korean oppa’s they see. Let me tell you, it isn’t like that all the time. Do not get your hopes up but do not get your hopes down either. Koreans love celebrating couple days and everything. So to everyone who has ever dreamed of dating a Korean oppa, this blog is for you.

The following are the romantic days celebrated in Korea. Aside from one, which are to remind singles that they’re singles. Lol. The days are also a marketing excuse by companies to sell you more merchandise and increase their sales.


Valentine’s Day

February 14. This is an international love fest day and it’s usually, in most parts of the world, it’s the guys that are giving the flowers and chocolates and all those romantic gestures for all the girls. However, in Korea, during Valentine’s Day, the female gives chocolates to the males. Yes. The other way around. It’s the girls giving the guys chocolates or sweets but not flowers. Lol. I don’t think I’ve seen a guy receiving flowers from a girl before.

I think this is a cute concept. So what I do during this time is, since I am single and having the time of my life, I buy a few buy 2, take 1 chocolates and distribute them to my close co-workers and friends. Teehee.

And so you may ask, “How about the guys? When do they give chocolates or flowers or shower gifts to girls?” We move on to…


White Day

This day falls on March 14, a month after Valentine’s. This is when the guys give flowers, chocolates, sweets, their heart, house, car, whatever you can offer to the woman they love. So ya’ll girls just chill. You will get your chance this day.

Apparently, while doing a little bit of research. This day originated from Japan and is also celebrated by a few other countries as well. Check the Wikipedia page.


Black Day

No, no. This is different from Black Friday. No, doesn’t concern any type of shopping at all unless ya’ll singles want to buy something for yourselves. This day falls on April 14 where all the singles go out and eat Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) a.k.a. Black Bean Noodle. It is originally a Chinese dish but apparently, real Chinese Jjajangmyeon isn’t black at all.

This day used to be famous a few years ago and was a huge trend but people don’t really care anymore. Lol. My friends and I decided to eat Jjangmyeon this day and spend some time together this year. It was our Pastor’s idea but he wasn’t invited because he is married. It is a day for singles. Duh. We just wanted an excuse to hang out together too. 🙂


Pepero Day

(Photo from 11/11/11)


Pep! Pep! Purray! I was so addicted to this snack when I first came to Korea. It was such a blast when November 11, 2011 came because 11/11/11!!! Yes! Pepero day falls on November 11 of every year. It is a sales and marketing strategy (excuse) to sell more of their merchandise. But this has become such a big hit that they share Pepero even in our office. It’s like the third wave of Valentine’s Day. White day being the second. There are even plush dolls in the shape of Pepero. And they put Peperos on sale.


Usually I buy a bunch of Peperos and eat them together with the people in the office. My favorite flavor is the one in the green box, chocolate almond. Yum~


Days in Hundreds

Unlike the Philippines wherein couples count their relationships by months, Korea count by hundred days. So if someone asks you how long you and your sweetheart have been together in the relationship, in the Philippines, they say 5 months or that it’s their 5th monthsary but in Korea, they’ll most probably say, “A little over 200 days” or something like that.

There are mobile apps even that will help you keep track of how many days you’ve been going out for. It is so useful for guys who find it annoying to count the days in the calendar to keep track of their relationship. We all know that most times, the females are more sensitive to things like this. I know I am. But I’ve also seen people in relationships wherein the guy is more sensitive about it than their female partners.

FYI. I have never used such apps but I did use an online tool to calculate the dates. Lol.


I can only compare the Philippines and Korea because those are the only two countries that I have lived in (so far).  So these were the romantic days in Korea, how is it different from your country?


‘Til next time, keep loving and walking. 😉




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