Still, What is Spring?

Spring Cherry Blossoms Korea

Spring has come. It has been snowing even though it’s already April and it feels like Winter is coming back. It is as if Winter is clinging on and is unable to let go of its last few regrets, holding a grudge against the coming warmth for it is not done unleashing a more brutal cold.

Still, Spring is coming.



What does the season Spring mean to you? Rather, how do you perceive it?

Spring is a big tease that decides to come and go as it wishes, leaving only traces of its petal and fragrance.

It allows us to shed a layer of our outer clothing and give a sigh of relief as we breathe in the warmer but still cool air. It will be as if Winter never came, as if the cold never existed in our lives. Spring also, surely and most definitely leaves behind a bountiful amount of green sceneries along with Summer. Oh, brutal Summer.



Still, what is Spring for you?

It is an iconic symbol of new beginnings and chapters in not only nature’s but also people’s lives. A season where everything starts again, which life is given another chance.

How opportunities bud like flowers. The ways they bud are like babies learning to stretch their bodies. I love flowers that have only half-blossomed, for it reminds me of a life that has yet to unfold and is at the peak of its hopeful story. Leaving the pain with the dead of Winter behind and looking forward in hope and joy of a better and warmer season. A better season, so they say. The suffering and agony that Winter brought for months that seemed endless will be erased by the warmth and hope that Spring brings.



Still, how do you perceive Spring?

Spring amazes us, so many people the wonders of God and how He has created the world, the universe!

We stand in awe admiring the flowers that has fully bloomed, releasing a blast of colors for our eyes to enjoy. The joy we feel in seeing beauty all around us is so overwhelming. We capture every moment of it and spend it with our loved ones, enjoy its wonderful sight. It is a season that some singles I know, feel lonelier and yearn for human company. A relationship, a company, a touch. A soft touch.



So, is Spring hope? Does it bring joy to everyone?

The transition from Winter to Spring is actually harsh to most elderly people. It is a season that also took my grandmother away. My dear grandmother. We still miss her even after more than a year that’s passed. No, Spring doesn’t bring joy to everyone. Spring means allergic reactions and annoying sneezes to others.

Not everyone sees nor perceives Spring the same.

Don’t get the wrong idea though, I don’t hate Spring. No, not fully.



What is Spring for me, then?

Spring for me is just another season to enjoy the flowers. It is a season that makes me sick. Spring and Summer just loves making me sick. It’s not as if my body temperature is higher than most people and makes me feel more sensitive to it. Oh, Summer. Why?

This year’s Spring has been a cold, yet warm start. The season itself had a literally cold start, as well as in my life. Through the hardships, sufferings and challenges I am currently facing and I am sure there will be more this year; I am very thankful for those who have been supporting me, cheering me on, praying for me. I am thankful for God in continuously giving and reminding me of hope and joy. Spring of 2018 therefore for me is a season to be thankful, to prepare and to become stronger.


My favorite season is Autumn, the leaves may start to fall and die but it is my own sign of hope. A season that loves to brush my face with its cool breeze as I wait for the soft snowfall of Winter.

Then comes Spring. Again.


No matter what the season, keep walking.

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