Traveling Seoul : Ihwa Mural Village

Ihwa Mural Village. This is a place many foreigners know about but never quite visit. For me, I never succeeded in finding the place until last Saturday,with my friend, Brian. Who used to be my co-worker. He calls me “Ma’am Ji” because I was a manager. He still calls me that to this day. Nganu man ui? Lol. So this post features, Brian a.k.a. Brian Laagan. Check out his Instagram, he also has awesome pictures!

This place might be a bit hard to find depending on your ability to find places and travel. On my end, I have no sense of direction and not very street smart either, so it’s always quite difficult for me to find a places; especially the ones with alleyways and what-not’s.

If you are into murals and cute artistic graffiti, then this is the place for you. Busan also has a place similar to this and has fresher artwork compared to the Ihwa Mural Village in Seoul. Check out my old blog to see the differences. The sad thing though, Ihwa Mural Village is old and some or most of the paintings have been erased and has been covered up. Thus, we couldn’t see the famous Koi stairs painting.

The weather condition was dust dust dust dust dust micro dust dust all day and we had limited sunlight so that kind of sucked. So please bear with the mood of the pictures. They’re usually more colorful than this.


How to get there:

The easiest way to get there is to get of Hyehwa Station (Line 4, Skyblue line).  Go out of exit no. 2 and walk like through the (very confusing, IMO) streets ’til you find the signs. There are signs near the village to guide you if you go somewhere outside the village zone.


Map of the Village:

This is an old map and some of the murals have been erased, like I have stated above. But this is a very helpful map still to get around. Do keep in mind that this is still a place where people live and they’ll be thankful if you keep your voices down for a while. I know the murals can get people pretty much excited and screaming, and the stairs are so steep that you want to scream. But let’s try to keep it down low during your time here. Thanks!



Please mind that there will be a lot of stair and uphill climbing, so get those glutes and thighs and hamstrings ready!



What to find in the village:

There are not a lot of restaurants around the village, or maybe I just didn’t find any. I was too distracted by the uphill climb. But! You can find a few coffee shops and galleries or coffee shops with galleries. I didn’t go into one but most of them looked adorable from the outside.


No! Don’t do it!!!


You’ve got post.


Cute to take with kids.


Explains a lot about a Korean family.


Too bad cars were parked.


Little unique Korean artworks.


I love cats but decided to take his picture instead.

I also stumbled upon a vintage shop and it was so cool. I bought a pair of sunglasses. 😉



If you go high enough, you will come to a place called Naksan Park, where you can see a gorgeous view of Seoul.




Hope you enjoyed this short post and was informative! How were the photos? Check out my Instagram account to see more! 😀

Always remember, no matter what happens in life, no matter what uphill climb there may be, just keep walking.



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