Gyeongbok Palace and Renting a Hanbok!



Just a week ago, a friend whom I have known for a long time came to Korea! When you come to Korea during winter, you wouldn’t want to miss the snow right? However, it will be suicide to wear a Hanbok (Korean traditional dress) in the middle of dead winter at -12°C! Do not worry, you are asked to wear it on top of your regular clothes, minus the outer wear. I decided to show them around the Gyeongbok Palace!

Obvious by today’s blog title, I will be telling you about my friend’s and new found friends’ adventure shivering in the cold for their Hanbok experience.


Where to Rent:

We rented their Hanbok at Cham Hanbok Rental. It was the second time renting from this place and though I have never tried other Hanbok Rental places and don’t have pictures to prove their varieties of selections, but they do have a lot of varieties.


This is the nearest Hanbok Rental place near the Gyeongbok Palace (one of my favorite places in Seoul) and is a less than 10 minute walk to and from the palace.

The price for the rental will range from 10,000 KRW to 20,000 KRW for 2 hours.

And oh! You can enter the palace for free if you are wearing a Hanbok! The usual entrance per person is 3,000 KRW.


Gyeongbok Palace through Gwanghwamun Square:

The Gyeongbok Palace is the biggest palace in Seoul and can be reached easily by taking the subway to Gwanghwamun Station (line 5, purple). Go out of Exit 2, walk straight and don’t forget to stop by the Gwanghwamun Square to meet King Sejong, who invented the Korean language and General Soonshin Lee, who won a war with the Turtle Ship (yes, it existed).

Take a few shots in front of the palace and cross the street to the almighty destination!

Inside the palace:

I know that the moment you enter the palace, you will get all excited and take pictures right away. But let me do advice you that there will be a lot of space to take pictures where there aren’t many people so that you would have that gorgeous “I-OWN-THE-PALACE-AND-IM-A-KING/QUEEN-IN-MY-HANBOK.” So do need to rush, take your time to see the palace. Look at the throne and embrace the very unique architecture technique Koreans used in the past.

Fact, no nails were used to build the palace. They built it by connecting the wood together. Just think of playing with Lego or building a Gundam action figure without using screws and super glue.

Also, only 2 hours can be a bit short if you want to take time to take pictures and see the national museum at the other end of the palace, so please keep that in mind before you rent. 😉

Here are some of the pictures that I took of the lovely “NicoDine” couple.

Nico is wearing the King’s costumes, Audine is wearing the Queen’s costume. My favorite? The special one. I really want to try it on next time.




I’ll throw in one picture of me to be fair. Haha!



Though I do regret not being more creative with the pictures that I took of my friends, I am glad that I was able to take pictures once more. Maybe next time, I will be more thorough to really use the creative side of my brain.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures that I took, because I think my friends did. Just I think. I should stop thinking.

‘Til the next blog, keep walking!

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