Traveling Korea: When To Visit?

As the New Year rushed in, so did our travel plans. I was hanging out with my friends a few days ago and they were talking about going on a trip with their friend or boyfriend (single life, forevah!!! Lol. QQ) And I was thinking, I am sure a few Filipino friends of mine or someone they know will be visiting Korea this year. I mean, the year has just started and everyone is making plans and I am sure they miss me (to a certain extent.)

So if you ARE planning to visit Seoul this year, this post is for you. I have wanted to talk about this last year but I think today is the right day to talk to you about this.


This blog entry is on one of the most frequently asked questions I get.

“When is the best time to visit?”

Honestly, I don’t know because it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. (#goals)

So I arranged the answer to this question by the wonderful four seasons of this country. Please do note the time of the months where it gets colder or warmer really depend on the year due to the lovely climate change. (#sarcasm) (What’s up with all these hashtags today?)



(months: mid-April (?) through May)

The season of flowers is short, the same with autumn. These two seasons are becoming shorter and shorter and they are blaming global warming as the cause. The start of Spring is so random sometimes, at one point it snowed on the month of April. Yup, not kidding. This was in the year of 2012 but it has left a big imprint in my head.

If you love flowers, nature and life springing to life, then this season is for you! It’s not so cold and warm, a little tad bit warmer than it should be sometimes.

During Spring, you can…

  • See various flower festivals.
  • Watch the Cherry Blossoms (blooms around May if I recall correctly. Check the predicted dates in advance.)
  • Love wearing bright colored, flower patterned clothing so you bloom like a flower yourself. Lol!

Every year, I make sure I take pictures of cherry blossoms and it has become my yearly goal. In addition to that, I love going to flower festivals. Though black, green and other non-bright color clothing is dominant in my closet, I do love taking pictures of flowers. It is one of my most favorite still life photography subject.



(months: May/June through September/October)

Just because Korea is not a tropical country does not mean it isn’t as hot as the equator. It can get REALLY HOT. It’s not the dry hot you get like you would in Iraq, but it is humid. Not as much as SEA countries, but still humid. FYI, I hate summer. I don’t know how I survived in the Philippines for so long.

Summer is a great season to travel though, if you…

  • Don’t like the cold, in general (duh)
  • Like to wear thin clothes and not wear endless layers and layers of clothing
  • LOVE SHOPPING FOR SUMMER CLOTHES!!! (Especially if you are from the Philippines, MGA KAIBIGAN! Lol?)

There is no better country to shop for quality cheap summer clothes that has the up-to-date fashion trends in Asia, as Korea. If you go to the right places during the right month, then you will get lovely deals on nice summer clothes. The question on where to shop is reserved for a separate blog post.



(months: late October through November)

YASSSSS!!! This is my favorite season in the whole wide world because the heat is disappearing and the cold that I love is approaching. I can layer as much as I can and wear outer clothing to cover my adorable belly-fat.

Come visit during autumn if you…

  • Love layering clothes (comme moi)
  • Enjoy gazing at the color-stained leaves as if they’re flowers
  • Want to enjoy the cool breeze while walking around the city
  • Want to experience the not-so-cold-winter-and-it’s-not-winter feel

I do not take pictures of the autumn foliage as much as I want to. For some reason, I never made it to famous foliage sites. However, if you have the time, then please do visit the mountain-side. There are accessible mountains nearby the city and showcase one of the most God’s wonderful creations.


And last but not least…


(months: mid or late November to March)

This is the easiest month for me to explain because most of my friends are from the Philippines and winter is non-existent in that country.

Explore Korea during winter if you…

  • Want to see snow for the first time in your life
  • Adore the cold as if it’s your first and only love
  • Want to experience winter for the first time in your life, or maybe you just like to experience it again
  • Want to try winter sports (Ski resorts open from around December up to February.)
  • Oh, did I mention snow?

Many people might think December is the coldest because it is near Christmas, etc. But it is actually during January and February where you can experience the brutality of Korean winter. Thus leads to the next question on winter, “When does it snow?” Well… This is a really tough question. It depends on the weather. Sometimes it snows starting December, at times it doesn’t. And sometimes it snows until February and sometimes it doesn’t. It really depends on Mother Nature and what her mood is for the year.

If you plan to doubt Mother Nature in providing snowfall during your visit, you could always go to a ski resort or to Nami Island where snow is present if not all, most of the time. (Guide to Nami Island here.)


To summarize things up:

  • If you like walking around and exploring the city you are travelling to, it would be during spring and autumn.
  • If you like to shop for clothes and you are from a tropical country where summer is abundant all year, then summer it is!
  • If you want to experience the cold, snow, then winter.
  • If you get stuck with budgeting for travel plans to Korea, check out my post on how to budget for a trip to Korea.


Got more questions? Ask away through my Facebook or Instagram or just e-mail me.


Until the next post, keep walking!

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