Nami Island : Winter Wonderland

A few of my friends recently told me they want to experience snow and picked Korea to get their first snow experience. Which is great! On this post, I will be introducing you to a winter wonderland where you can experience an abundance of snow even when it is not snowing – the Nami Island.

I have introduced you to this place before and it is one of my favorite places in Korea due to its spectacular nature and accessibility. (More info on how to get there here.)

It does not snow ALL THE TIME in Korea and it always depends every year. So if you want to experience snow even if there is no snowfall. Or you don’t want to go to a ski resort because it is either too expensive and you are not an avid adventurer/skier. Nami Island is the best place to go!

Ah, the color white. Nami Island that is covered in white is quite different during winter. You can site in a café and watch the people walk around in the snow or better yet, you can be those people walking around in the snow.


Do note that Nami Island is one of the many places you can experience snow. If you want to explore other places, try searching Gangwon-do cities. This province has the most snow in South Korea and is the coldest. It was nice because the island wasn’t as crowded as it would be during the other seasons.


Snow is soft and wet. It makes a place look divine and pure. Every bit of Nami Island was covered with snow when I visited the place with my friend/big sister of my friend, Janelle. She was slipping in the frozen snow and everything but it was still fun.

There will be areas where snow is soft and deep and there will be places where it is frozen rock solid. So you better be careful where you step.


Go find an empty lot where there aren’t many people around to experience that winter wonderland feels. Remember also that they can go ankle deep so I suggest ankle high or higher boots or shoes. Rubber shoes are a no-no.

These empty lots are perfect for solo pictures if you want to keep those in your digital memory and your own memory. Sure, you can run around but don’t expect not to get wet if you fall. Remember, snow is frozen water.

Snow is something fragile to me. They melt the instant you touch them and return to their liquid form. They surrender to your weight the moment you step on them. Treat snow as you would treat yourself. Watch it glimmer and shine under the sun and slowly melt away from warmth. Snow is what I always look forward to every winter.


This is quite a short post so I apologize if there is not much content. Winter in Nami Island is something you really have to experience yourself. The feeling is quite warm even when it’s cold.


Got any more questions about this post or about snow? Ask away on my Facebook page!


‘Til my next trip! See you.

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