The President Angered the People

While people were complaining about Trump, Duterte was filling up everyone’s Facebook wall, and everyone busy watching K-dramas…

South Koreans’ anger towards President Geun-hye Park grew more and more fierce each passing day. This has been going on for weeks now. However, not many people know about it. Only a few are interested because Korea is not known for things like these.

Today, November 27, 2016: 1.9 million people gathered in front of the Blue House to protest against the President. Not accepting her apologies, which she did twice. Instead demanded punishment for what she has done.

Revealing confidential government papers and asking advice from her close friend who has never held a government position, but is a housewife and is legally unqualified to even give official advice on national affairs. That close friend has also raked in millions and maybe billions of Korean won through the President and her decisions. I wonder what more she could have done that has not been revealed yet.

The President unqualified? Foolish to approach a friend? She lost the trust of the people and almost every single citizen is asking for her to step down. She has been judged unqualified for her to remain in power.

For some of those who don’t know, some believe that President Park was elected because her father is the late President Park Chung-hee, and the First Lady was assassinated and later on the late President as well, leaving young Park Geun-hye and her sibling to be an orphan. The older generation have pitied her and some firmly believe the older generation voted for her out of pity and believing that she will do a “good” job as the President.

However, the younger generations did not like both Presidential candidates. It was a very close election though but President Park won. But to be fair, both Presidential candidates were under-qualified in my opinion and I did not vote for neither of them. Honestly, I apologize and I am sure that people will criticize me but I did not vote at all. NO. I will not choose a person who is unqualified to be President.

Me? My opinion on this issue? My knowledge on this issue is very little. But the news I get locally is more than those international news sources. Still, I am one of those few who are uninterested but merely afraid of what might happen to this country.

I hate discussing politics. Rather, I am worried that this peaceful protest of candles will turn violent if nothing is done. Most of all, I am afraid that North Korea might use this opportunity. Whatever people say, Korea still has an on-going war that has been forgotten because it just seems so peaceful on the outside but when it’s rotting on the inside. I have no right to judge the President but I have the right to ask her to present herself to the citizens because she has accepted to receiving investigation on this unbelievable scandal. But I wonder, how fair will the investigation be when she and her supporters are still in power?

A college student argued with the opposing political party who were protesting outside and some of them, Senators whom should be discussing a solution to this chaos? I can not only imagine. It is very uncertain and dangerous. Impeachment is a very confusing and also frightening thing that can happen to a nation. Governments can be toppled and the whole world will be watching.

I can only watch and pray.

It has been over 24 hours since I visited the protest site yesterday with my friend because he wanted to see it for himself. I did not know what to expect when I arrived. My friend was very passionate about this issue, same as the other people I know. My co-workers are silently watching the news and discussing this issue among themselves.




The site was pretty much an ordinary quiet protest site. Packed with people, without your own direction wherever it may be you want to go but instead going with the crowd. Following the protest songs, angry shouting here and there at times. Though it was amazing that famous singers (no, not K-pop bands or groups, let’s just set that aside for a while.) that came and sang songs, old songs to encourage the people in their protests despite the deepening winter cold, on and off rain and snow.

College students who were outraged came and spoke on stage what preposterous issue this is. A high school student from another province who had little to no knowledge about politics but came with her family after researching what an outrage this is.

It was amazing though that it was kind of festive with people cheered or repeat the word “resign”. Singing together as one voice and trying to make the protest a peaceful candle protest as much as they can.

And after the visiting the protest site yesterday, where 1.6 million citizens have gathered with their candles lit from ages ranging from 10 to 60, passionate and shouting their protests for President Park to resign, I was moved.



The streets from Euljiro to Gwanghwamun were closed so we had to walk to the site. It was cold and I have been busy all day so I was tired. It was curiosity and my friend that drove me to the place. I took some pictures and took some video shots (will post it on YouTube within the week).

It was not much of a site when I arrived. There was literally just heads above me. (I’m short) I could not see a thing except for heads and more heads and hear loud voices from megaphones and speakers. Strong rants from protesters, and a little bit of argument here and there. Comments on how huge the crowd is and what is going on. Aside from that, it was not much of a sight.

That was until I got on top of a plant ledge with my friend. What a sight. Thousands of candles and even LED candles lit swayed by people. It was an astonishing site. At 8PM, they turned off the candles and speakers were turned off for the people to freely protest with their own voice, the sound was amazing.



I was moved by how they united as one voice and directed passion to oust the President. Believe me, Koreans want to keep out of other people’s business and people out of theirs. They don’t like talking or commenting with strangers about this and that. I don’t know, maybe because this issue involves them directly, could be, but it was moving. Parents bringing their children and some (I have no idea why, but) bringing their pet dogs to the protest site and sitting there, standing there for hours.


At 8:30PM, they started walking, moving towards one destination – the Blue House. I read that the protesters are now just 200 meters away from it.

I wonder if the President even cares about the protests. Do you remember the Sewol-ho incident where a big ship capsized and all of the passengers died and only the captain and a few employees survived because they escaped first and this became a HUGE controversy here as well. Well… the President went to work 7 hours later, not immediately to resolve this issue because she had a personal appointment.

And no, it was something to do with leisure (or so I’ve heard.) This makes me think that maybe she is just sitting down or lying down at home, watching TV, not even the news, maybe some drama she likes, or she could be shaking in fear, or she could just be waiting until all this will be resolved on its own, when it’s not going to be.

I really can’t stop thinking about what I have seen yesterday that I had to get up from bed and start typing away.


This might be a very uninteresting issue compared to Trump and Duterte to you. You might not care at all as long as you get your K-pop. But this is real, right here. A huge issue. A huge scandal. A very frightening situation. I don’t think South Korea is on a brink of losing control yet but this protest is not going to stop soon and I wanted you all to know, it sucks so much right now. Sorry if I may have offended you of some sort, but it is the truth.

Thank you to those friends asking about me, concerned greetings and curious questions. I really appreciate it. But, all is safe for now.

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