J   U   S   T        K   E   E   P       W   A   L   K   I   N   G


T H I S   B L O G   I S . . .

A personal blog that is dedicated to sooth my itch and cravings to write whilst remaining helpful by throwing a travel guide of Korea, my experience of traveling to other countries, etc.

Aside from traveling, photography has remained a very big passion of mine and I hope to share with you some of them.

Questions, feedback, even just a greeting message is much welcome and appreciated. Let me know through the "Contact Me" section!

A B O U T   J I . . .

Hi there! My friends call me Ji and currently in Seoul, South Korea.

Photography makes me see the world in my own unique way and and writing helps me elaborate on the emotions I feel. To be able to share both through this blog is an immense blessing. I am a cat person though I do not own one.

My faith has been keeping me grounded and Jesus is my rock. As a follower of Jesus, I love talking about Him and hearing about Him, and hearing from Him. You will read about my faith in some of my entries.

I love listening to stories too. What’s yours? 🙂

Travel is a big blessing for me for it makes me see every bit of this wonderful world that God has created and I hope to bring the beauty I have seen and shared it with all of you as much as I can. The purposes of this blog are to keep my passion for photography and writing alive, and most especially share my story with all of you! As well as post a few guides about travelling to Korea, whether be it to Seoul or somewhere else!

Hoping to help as much as I can, so let me know if you need any!

Blessings, Ji