J   U   S   T        K   E   E   P       W   A   L   K   I   N   G

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T H I S   B L O G   I S . . .

A personal blog that was made to soothe my itch and cravings to write.

Since I want to be helpful at the same time, I might as well throw in a little guide to travelling in Korea, how to get around, etc.

Also, since I LOVE travelling, I should write about that as well, don't you think? 

Got questions? Feedback? Anything at all. Let me know through the "Contact Me" section!


A B O U T   J I . . .

Hi there! My friends call me Ji, so you can call me by that name as well! I live in Seoul, South Korea. Photography makes me see the world in my own unique way and it brings me joy to share it to the world and show them the emotions I feel. It is an amazing feelinge to write about what I felt with the photographs I have taken. I love telling stories and sharing them. BUT! I love listening to stories too. What’s yours? 🙂


Travel is a big blessing for me for it makes me see every bit of this wonderful world that God has created and I hope to bring the beauty I have seen and shared it with all of you as much as I can. The purposes of this blog are to keep my passion for photography and writing alive, and most especially share my story with all of you! As well as post a few guides about travelling to Korea, whether be it to Seoul or somewhere else!

Hoping to help as much as I can, so let me know if you need any!

Blessings, Ji